Under the new trend, how can domestic IP and custom chips seize the industry trend?

On July 6, the 2021 Domestic IP and Custom Chip Ecological Conference was held in Shanghai. The conference was jointly held by China’s leading high-end IP and chip customization company – Innosilicon and China’s advanced semiconductor one-stop IP and customized mass production center, and received thousands of semiconductor enterprise decision-makers, technical backbones and experts from scientific research institutes. And the active response and participation of representatives from the investment community and the media community. The conference was full and the atmosphere was warm.

The domestic IP and custom chip ecological conference has received strong support from Shanghai and Zhuhai. At the beginning of the conference, Li Chong, deputy mayor of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, and Xu Shujie, deputy head of Putuo District, Shanghai delivered speeches, showing the government’s emphasis on the development of the integrated circuit industry, and expressing thanks and congratulations for the successful holding of the conference.

Zhou Yumei, a member of the Expert Committee of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, pointed out in her speech that this is the first time she has seen the industry hold such a large-scale IP conference. Thousands of colleagues in the industry gathered spontaneously, indicating that IP, as the most basic and core link of the integrated circuit industry, has extremely strong demand in the entire industry chain, and has also attracted more and more attention from the industry. In the current golden period of the development of the domestic integrated circuit industry, domestic IP has embarked on a path of innovation, which is inseparable from the long-term accumulation and continuous breakthrough of domestic IP companies, and also requires the construction and improvement of China’s IP ecosystem.

Zhang Litian, Deputy Secretary-General of China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Alliance, also mentioned that many upstream and downstream colleagues do not actually understand that some local IP companies have reached the international advanced level, and have even achieved performance and technology leadership in some sub-sectors Beyond that, this conference is an opportunity for the industry chain to strengthen consensus and collaborate.

Afterwards, more than ten representatives and experts from leading upstream and downstream integrated circuits such as IP, EDA, design services, foundry, packaging and testing, complete machines, cloud computing, etc., focused on high-performance DDRn IP, high-performance SerDes IP, high-performance He delivered passionate keynote speeches on eight topics: RISC-V, GPU and multimedia IP, automotive electronics IP, chip design and customization cooperation, foundry and packaging and testing, and 5G.

As an enabling enterprise with a perennial leading IP market share in China, Innosilicon has always been at the forefront of technological development. Innosilicon CEO analyzed four major industry challenges in his keynote speech titled “From design to mass production, including the world’s first domestic one-stop IP and customized services that represent the highest level to enable the localization of high-end chips” Trends: Highly integrated SoC chips challenge the limits of technology and masks, Chiplet technology is widely used to break through the bottleneck of a single process and chip, 3D packaging technology and heterogeneous SiP become the mainstream of high-end chips, and high-end SoC chips challenge the IP “set” limit. It clarifies that localized IP and customized platforms enable design and foundry under the new trend, and will play a key role in domestic new infrastructure and Xinchuang ecology. As a chip empowerment company with overall responsibility, InnoMotion will, as always, adhere to the concept of cooperating to create cores and win-win ecology, and help upstream and downstream partners with fully independent/high-performance/high-reliable domestic advanced IP and chip customization services Cross the gap, seize the localization tuyere, and help the development of the national integrated circuit industry.

Subsequently, Gao Zhuan, Chen Liankang, and He Ying, technical directors of Innosilicon, also discussed topics such as high-performance DDR series IP technology, 32/56/112G multi-standard protocol SerDes solutions, high-performance computing SOC system architecture and IP integration solutions. In-depth introduction and sharing, including the world’s first GDDR6/6X IP technology representing the highest level, the only domestic HBM2e/3 and DDR5/LP5 series technologies, and the first domestic high-performance rendering GPU product, etc.

Representatives of other outstanding companies participating in the meeting also shared trends, challenges and achievements from the frontier fields of EDA tools, chip design, semiconductor process manufacturing, packaging and testing, etc. Among them, Mr. Tang Dan from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave an in-depth introduction to the development trend of RISC-V at home and abroad, and revealed that the newly released “Xiangshan” RISC-V processor adopted Innosilicon IP and completed the design of national production; Chinese Electronic standards Chen Dawei, chief engineer of the institute, also explained in detail the key points of the requirements and verification of automotive IP cores. Yuefang Technology, Ziguang Cloud, Yongxi Electronics, Hubei Jiutongfang, Suzhou Tengxin, etc. have introduced their own technological progress, and expressed their willingness to join forces with Innosilica IP and other upstream and downstream friends to jointly create a win-win domestic new product. ecology.

It is a major feature of this conference to let front-line R&D experts come to the front and speak out. Such a comprehensive and in-depth discussion of cutting-edge technology topics, rather than generalities, makes the participants feel refreshed. The guests have feedback that this time is “full of dry goods, a lot of harvest, and unfinished”, some experts said with feeling: “Compared with international giants, domestic IP companies and chip companies are not large in scale. For the sake of war, if we cannot form a joint force, how can it become a climate? Not to mention empowering domestic independence. The ‘cooperation to create cores, ecological win-win’ proposed at this conference is really the right time.”

Regarding the sensitive topic of lack of chips and supply of common concern, the conference specially arranged a round table meeting, allowing Chinese and foreign counterparts to discuss together how chip companies can strengthen upstream and downstream cooperation and jointly build a good ecosystem. Representatives from Aixin Technology, Innosilicon, Micron, H3C, Lingyange, and Juyuan Capital held lively discussions and expressed candid and pragmatic views on the challenges and opportunities in their respective fields.

Efficiency and pragmatism is another major feature of this conference. There are more than ten booth negotiation areas on site, involving IP, verification, customization services, design services, foundry and packaging and testing services and many other links. Incessantly. Most of the participating companies came with actual needs, and one-stop docking with various exhibitors promoted the communication of industrial resources and business cooperation between upstream and downstream. In Innosil’s domestic IP and custom chip booth area, which has attracted much attention, many new and old partners also showed strong interest in Innosil’s high-performance, high-reliability IP and one-stop chip customization services covering six major foundries. A lot of cooperation needs have been put forward.

Seeing the lively scene and positive interactive atmosphere, all the guests at the meeting expressed their “well worth the trip” and bluntly said, “I didn’t expect that there are such excellent IP companies and IP technologies in China. It provides greater protection, and we have more confidence in choosing domestic IP.”

For the first time, this conference systematically demonstrated the characteristics of high reliability, high security, and process diversification of domestic IP, which made the industry further realize that the quality of excellent domestic technology is not inferior, and further exerted domestic IP and customized technology in China’s independent industry. The important role of chemical technology is conducive to solving a series of difficulties faced by chip companies from design to manufacturing. It is of great significance for opening up resource channels in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and strengthening mutual cooperation between supply and demand enterprises. This is also another active effort of Innosilicon, as the first IP company to win the “China IC Innovation Award”, to promote cooperation in the domestic integrated circuit industry and establish a good industrial ecology.

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