The chip data that TSMC and UMC handed over to the United States have been exposed?

As we all know, some time ago, the Internet has been talking about the news that TSMC, Samsung, and UMC have been “extorted” chip data by the United States, and said that in the end, all chip companies have compromised, and no one dared to resist, and they all handed in the data obediently. .

Then the question arises, what data did TSMC and UMC submit? Recently, a part of the commercial information handed over to the United States by the five wafer foundries was exposed, including four Taiwan foundries – TSMC, NSMC, UMC and VIS (world advanced), an Israeli company TowerSemi (High Tower semiconductor) .

The chip data that TSMC and UMC handed over to the United States have been exposed?

Let’s first take a look at what data the United States requires everyone to submit. According to the public information on the official website of the Federal Register, TSMC and other semiconductor manufacturers need to answer 14 questions in writing.

These questions are mainly company type, technology level (chip technology), sales in the last three years, and the top three customer information for each product, delivery date and inventory data and reasons for changes, order-to-bill ratio, and supply allocation Logic, future capacity planning, supply chain procurement changes and many other key data of internal operations of enterprises and customers.

So what data did TSMC hand in?

Let’s take a look at TSMC first. According to the statement, the information provided by TSMC mainly focuses on its own production capacity, the production of integrated circuits from 2019 to 2021 and the proportion of each branch in the total production, as well as the sales of the products with the largest order backlog in the last month. However, TSMC did not disclose customer information, which means that TSMC still added a little discount.

UMC, on the other hand, is businesslike, basically only answering questions about production capacity, but not submitting information about customers and inventory.

In addition, there are three smaller foundries, such as Power Semiconductor, World Advanced, and Gaota Semiconductor. Compared with TSMC and UMC, the data submitted is a little more, and it is said to be basically submitted in accordance with the requirements of the United States.

Of course, the media reports are not necessarily accurate about what data you actually handed in. After all, many of them are confidential, and outsiders may not know it, but it is estimated that TSMC should have discounted it. After all, TSMC has always emphasized that customer information is theirs. The most important secret.

In the same way, we can also guess that the submission of data may not be the end, but another beginning. After all, the United States will definitely not only ask for these data, but will also ask for more based on the first batch of last data.

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