SeeFiberLaser Professional Edition Software and Case: Bidirectional Pump Oscillator Considering Transverse Mode

Fiber lasers are widely used in many fields. Many universities, research institutes, and enterprises have carried out research on fiber lasers. In terms of theoretical research, each unit mainly uses self-written code for theoretical simulation, which generally only covers specific fields, and it is difficult for beginners to get started and enterprises lacking theoretical foundation to go deep.

Introduction to SeeFiberLaser Software

SeeFiberLaser is a graphical numerical simulation software for fiber laser systems, which aims to calculate the generation, amplification and transmission of fiber lasers with different time-domain characteristics (continuous, pulsed), and consider amplified spontaneous emission and stimulated Raman scattering for different situations. , stimulated Brillouin scattering and other effects, to provide help for the theoretical study, engineering design and scientific research of fiber laser. SeeFiberLaser has a friendly interface, relatively complete theoretical model, efficient calculation efficiency, and can guide practical scientific research and industrial laser design.

The professional version v1.0 released version includes two categories of active devices and passive devices, covering pump sources, seed sources, gain fibers, energy transmission fibers, power control devices, spectral line control devices, and pump signal combiners , Direction control devices, output devices, time domain control devices, a total of 10 sub-categories, a total of 11 (continuously updated and expanded) professional devices.

Professional version v2.0 expands different doped media (Erbium/Erbium-Ytterbium) lasers, pulse mode locking, Q-switched fiber laser types, etc. The released version of the professional version of this software also has built-in simulation systems including continuous fiber lasers, Q-switched fiber lasers, and mode-locked fiber lasers, and 56 (updating) basic case libraries.

SeeFiberLaser software features

? Modular devices: Drag and drop devices and connect ports to build a laser system

? Easy to use: no programming, no code input, friendly interface

? Windowed parameter settings

? Covers common active and passive devices

? Commercial gain/energy transfer fiber database

? Can import accurate experimental data

? Intuitive input result Display

? Graphical data display: double-click device display, MATLAB format data storage

? Spectral logarithmic/linear display, data can be stored for reprocessing

Software Simulation Case

Bidirectional Pump Oscillator Considering Transverse Modes

Raster feedback multiple modes:

The Links:   LQ075V3DG01 VVZ24-12IO1